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If you’re like most Tennis Warehouse customers, you already have an idea of the type of racquet you’re seeking. You want to upgrade from your current racquet - maybe you’re seeking more power, more control, more comfort... or a little of all three. Whatever your reason(s) for purchasing a new racquet, you have some basis on which to make your decision.

Then again, you may not have a clue as to which racquet is best for you and are simply motivated by a review you read. Add to the confusion the shear amount of racquets available and choosing the right racquet becomes pretty daunting! To make this process a little easier, here’s a primer on racquet characteristics and how they affect performance. We also suggest you read our racquet reviews where you’ll find detailed information from real tennis players on how a specific racquet performs on-court. Our Racquet Technologies section includes explanations and illustrations of racquet technologies and materials, such as nCode, Hot Melt, Liquidmetal, and F.I.R.E., to name a few. Finally, our General Racquet & String Terms provide definitions of terms that are used throughout our website to describe racquet and string performance.

Today, there are 3 major racquet categories, with several subcategories. They are:

Category 1: Power or Game Improvement Racquets

This is the term used by racquet manufacturers for power-oriented racquets. In most cases, these racquet models feature oversize to super-oversize heads (107-135 square inches), are lightweight (8-9.5 ounces), longer (27-29 inches) stiffer and are balanced head-heavy (or evenly balanced) to retain enough weight in the hitting zone. Designed for players with shorter, slower swings and who want more power from the racquet. Here are some of the top game improvement racquets